Michael Malin

Undergraduate Discipline


BS, City College of New York, PhD, Rutgers University. Postdoctoral Fellow, Rutgers University, Brandeis University. Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Western Connecticut State University (WCSU); T. J. Lipton, Inc, tea chemistry; Technicon Instruments Corp/Bayer Diagnostics, hematology automated analyzer methods/reagents, photocurable adhesives, chemiluminescence, ceramic hardware degradation, phthalocyanine dyes; Bayer Technical Achievement Award, Automated Hemoglobin Detection Methods. Author of 20 publications and patents in biochemistry and chemistry. WCSU chemistry adjunct, 2010-2022. Author of The Chemistry and Mechanism of Art Materials: Unsuspected Properties and Outcomes, 2021. SLC, 2003 (guest), 2007-2009, 2023–