Lara Elena Donnelly

BA, Wright State University. Author of the vintage-glam spy thriller Amberlough and its forthcoming sequels, Armistice and Amnesty (Tor), dDonnelly’s other work has appeared in venues that include Strange Horizons, Escape Pod, Nightmare, and Uncanny.  A graduate of the Clarion and Alpha writers’ workshops, she has also served as on-site staff at the latter. SLC, 2018

Graduate Courses

Writing 2018-2019

Speculative Fiction Craft: The Monstrous Domestic: Horror in the Home


In this craft class, we’ll examine monstersboth literal and metaphoricand the roles that they play in fiction set in the domestic sphere. We will explore the juxtaposition of teeth and claws against marriage, housework, and tax returns in fiction by Max Gladstone, Angela Carter, Marie Vibbert, Carmen Machado, Jeffrey Ford, and others. Real-world horrors will play a role in the readings, too, through nonfiction essays such as Dimas Ilaw’s The Shape of Darkness as it Overtakes Us,” which discusses how speculative fiction can help us cope with and confront violence, danger, and fear. The stark contrast of the monstrous and the domestic will give us an excellent opportunity to look through the lens that speculative fiction holds up to the everyday, showing us hard truths and inspiring us to see things differently.