Sarah DiMaggio

Undergraduate Discipline


BA, Lebanon Valley College. PhD, Vanderbilt University. DiMaggio specializes in environmental philosophy and ethics, with a focus on feminist approaches to animal ethics, environmental ethics, and climate justice. Her current book project explores the notion of kinship in animal ethics and environmental ethics. SLC, 2022-

Undergraduate Courses 2022-2023


Animal Ethics

Open, Seminar—Fall

This course explores philosophical questions related to contemporary issues regarding our moral and political relations with nonhuman animals. We will begin with more theoretical questions about the source of value and moral standing, examining some influential texts that are foundational to the contemporary Western animal-rights movement. In the latter half of the semester, we will spend a great deal of time examining contemporary issues and animal advocacy, including the connections between social movements for the liberation of humans and nonhuman animals.


Environmental Ethics as Liberatory Theory and Practice

Open, Seminar—Spring

Historically, Western environmental movements have placed an emphasis on the idea of “wilderness” and have been characterized by a striving for a “return” to a nature that never existed outside collective imagination. This course examines some of the foundations of Western environmental ethics and critiques of those by feminist, Black, Indigenous, and queer scholars. Through this engagement, students are encouraged to analyze their own values and assumptions related to value, climate, and our environments and to bring the contemporary issues that are most important to students into conversation with these texts. This course aims to examine the possibilities of decolonizing environmental ethics and to work toward a future of environmental ethics as an academic endeavor that is able to better meet the ethical, social, and political needs of our current ecological crises.