Shamus Clisset

BFA, The College of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Digital artist and master printer working with 3D modeling, rendering, and multidisciplinary digital media. Exhibitions include Galerie Jette Rudolph and Galerie Thomas Flor, both in Berlin, and Tracy Williams, Ltd. in New York. Recent projects include Empties at Caesura Gallery ( and FakeShamus: Manifest Destinaut, featured in BEAUTIFUL/DECAY Book 8: Strange Daze. As a master printer, he has produced exhibition prints for galleries and museums all over the world, including MoMA, The Guggenheim, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and SFMoMA. Recent highlights include prints for the Maurizio Cattelan retrospective at The Guggenheim and the first solo show of photographs by the late war photographer, Tim Hetherington, at Yossi Milo in New York. SLC, 2012–

Undergraduate Courses 2019-2020

Visual and Studio Arts

Introduction to Digital Imaging

Open , Seminar—Fall

This course covers contemporary digital practice, with an emphasis on Photoshop skills and imaging techniques from scanning to printing. Proper digital workflow is the focus while working through the basics of image manipulation tools, color correction, and retouching. The skills covered will build a solid basis for further exploration of photography, fine-art printing, and more radical digital experiments. The broader classroom discussion emphasizes computer-generated and -manipulated imagery as a new paradigm in contemporary art, photography, and culture in general. Students are encouraged to explore the potential of digital tools in the context of their personal work—visual arts-related or otherwise—stressing open-ended visual possibilities, as well as technical and conceptual rigor.

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3D Modeling

Open , Seminar—Spring

This course introduces students to the process of constructing digital objects and environments in the virtual space of the computer. Emphasis will be on a strong grasp of form, space, and composition. Fundamentals of hard-edge and organic surface modeling will be thoroughly exercised, while further exploration of the digital tools will cover shading and texturing, lighting, and rendering with the virtual camera. Over the course of the semester, students will be challenged to create increasingly complex objects, environments, and imagery. Through readings and discussion, students will also be encouraged to consider the conceptual ramifications of working in computer space. Contemporary examples of computer-generated imagery in art, film, and media—juxtaposed with historical views on visual illusion from art and philosophy—will form a broader context in which to examine the medium.

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