Sasha Silverstein ’75

I have worked in many genres of art over the years, although I am mainly painting and making constructions now. My graduate degree from Parsons in conjunction with the NY Studio School was in sculpture. I am currently working on a series of bathtub paintings so I am including them, where I started with a limited palette and each painting includes another material or method of applying paint.

Painting, La Banera IIILa Banera III
Acrylic paint, Sand, crushed pastels on canvas

I was painting in Mexico and had to cut my trip short so brought few materials. I worked with a limited palette and sand from the beach there. I used gelatin for my gel and crushed pastels for a bit of color.

Painting, La Banera IVLa Banera IV
Acrylic Paint, Sand, crushed Pastels, gelatin on canvas

For this one, I didn't use brushes, only my fingers, and a couple of indications with pastel.