Barbarie Rothstein ’69

At Sarah Lawrence, I was extremely fortunate to have studied sculpture for four years with two gifted teachers, Norberto Chiesa and Ezio Martinelli. What followed was an M.F. A. in Sculpture from the University of Wisconsin, a 45-year teaching career, and retirement in 2017 as Professor Emerita in the Arts, SUNY-Empire State College. The two pieces that I selected for this exhibition are part of my Dwelling Series, begun in 2018. “Dwelling Fragment,” completed during the Covid Pandemic, speaks to my fascination with the image of the house, which has the enormous potential to embody the state of the human psyche.

Art Installation, Dwelling FragmentDwelling Fragment
Mixed Media
This piece measures 6"h x 9"w x 6"d.

Art Installation, Dwelling IV with seated figureDwelling IV (with seated figure)
Mixed Media
This piece measures 8"h x 11"w x 9"d.