Johanna Norry ’86

I am an artist and art professor at the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega, GA. My artistic process is one of research as art/art as research. Employing traditional techniques of weaving, handknitting, coiling, embroidery and stitching, as well as digital design, my work often combines comforting materials with discomforting images and ideas. This piece, "Water Never Goes Out of Style" was made in response to the impact fashion has on the environment, particularly water overuse and pollution, in the developing countries where most clothing is manufactured.

Art Installation, Water Never Goes Out of StyleWater Never Goes Out of Style

Water Never Goes Out of Style is made from 100 pairs of damaged Levi’s. Evoking images of the dye-laden water that pours into rivers in the developing countries where the majority of jeans are made, 2000 denim water drops (representing the 2000 gallons of water used to make a single pair of jeans), pour out of a denim sewer pipe.