Give Back to Sarah Lawrence




Stay connected to your classmates and the College. Alumni can share their enthusiasm for Sarah Lawrence in a variety of ways.

Volunteers may host Faculty on the Road seminars in their homes, encourage classmates to attend Reunion, plan activities for your local chapter, host a professional networking event, raise donations for The Fund for Sarah Lawrence, or interview prospective students. Wherever you choose to contribute, you will be making a difference that means the world to students, alumni, and the College.

Ways to Give Back

Become a Class Agent

Class agents reach out to alumni for events and fundraising by signing letters, sending e-mails, and keeping social networks updated.

To become a class agent, please e-mail The Fund for Sarah Lawrence.

Become an Admission Volunteer

Share your passion for Sarah Lawrence College with prospective students and their families by becoming an Alumni Admission Program volunteer.

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Become a Regional Chapter Volunteer

Regional chapters support and strengthen the bond among Sarah Lawrence alumni and encourage a lifelong relationship with the College.

Alumni volunteers are essential to the success of these chapters. Volunteers work directly with members of the Alumni Relations staff to meet the unique needs of each individual chapter.

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Become a Reunion Volunteer

Help make your Reunion the best ever by lending your creativity, feedback, and support. Reunion volunteers help with programming, recruitment, and fundraising for the class gift.

To get involved, contact Dania Abu-Shaheen at 914.813.9212 or via e-mail.

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The Fund for Sarah Lawrence

Contributions to The Fund for Sarah Lawrence help bridge the gap between tuition revenue and the true cost of delivering a Sarah Lawrence education.

Our donors’ collective support goes directly to fund student scholarships, faculty initiatives, immediate needs, unexpected opportunities, and fresh ideas. Annual gifts are put to use as they come in, making them an essential complement to the endowment, which is invested for the long term.

What The Fund for Sarah Lawrence Supports

Undergraduate Financial Aid
Each year, need-based financial aid helps fill the gap between endowed scholarship funding and total student need.

Academic Innovation
Direct investments in the school’s academic programs, faculty research, and course development.

Student Life
Support for all of our student groups each year, from student government to performing arts groups to public service organizations.

Every Gift Counts

Every gift to The Fund for Sarah Lawrence—no matter the size—makes a difference to students.

Gifts from nearly 3,000 Fund donors added up to over $3.5 million last year. It would take over a $70 million dollar endowment gift to generate the same level of funding for undergraduate programs in a single year.

Participation Matters

Giving to The Fund for Sarah Lawrence is a message to students and faculty that they can count on alumni. Foundations, corporations, and other major donors look at alumni gifts of any amount as votes of confidence in Sarah Lawrence. They often scrutinize the percentage of alumni who give when they are considering their own gifts.

This participation rate is also a factor in college ranking systems. High marks for Sarah Lawrence help us attract the most talented students and faculty in the world.

Your giving makes the difference that keeps our College strong.

Planned Giving

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to benefit Sarah Lawrence is to include a bequest provision in your will, or to list Sarah Lawrence as a beneficiary on your IRA or 401(K). Since updates or revisions are simple, bequests and beneficiary designations allow you the most flexibility and security should your circumstances or plans change.

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