Owen Marks ’15

Conference work teaches you how to think critically, to explore your ideas, and to solve and resolve seemingly incongruous ideas and problems.

Owen's Journey

Conference Work

“The Packaged Good: Policy and Values in Higher Education”

In an effort to understand society’s views on higher education, beginning with the Obama Administration’s policies, the project charted a course through contemporary theory and practicum.

The observations in the project were aimed toward developing a recommendation that, on the one hand, would accomplish the goals of policy—and, on the other hand, preserve the sanctity and value of a liberal arts education.

My professor was Marilyn Power (economics), the professor for my “Macroeconomic Theory and Policy” class. That was my second class with her. We got along well; she understood and accepted how I work. I’ve always tried to take a more casual or idealistic approach to generating conference work—something I inherited from my mother. I take a lot of time talking and thinking and then start writing. There are a lot of professors who would prefer that you use writing to generate your ideas, but that’s not how I work.

Faculty: Marilyn Power

Course: “Macroeconomic Theory and Policy”

Career Preparation

Interning in Washington, DC

Capitol building in Washington, DCThe summer after my first year at Sarah Lawrence was filled with an internship in my Congressman's office in Washington, DC. Though the summer proved to be immensely rewarding in regards to my understanding of the American political system, it helped even more in determining a path that I did not want to follow. This shows the other, less discussed side of internships; they can show you what you do not wish to do, rather than only what you do wish to do.

I attended many events held by the Office of Career Services, and even joined them and several other students on a trip to Washington, DC. Furthermore, the office facilitated my experience in the Board of Trustee Mentorship program, in which I took part my senior year.

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Go Gryphons!

Crew Team

CrewFor about two years I was on the crew team, which was probably my first organized athletic experience. Three months into that, I was made captain of the men's team, which lasted for another year or so.

I was a member of the swim team for three years, and I consider my time in the pool to be one of the most enjoyable, and, paradoxically, painful, experiences at Sarah Lawrence. Though swimming is much more of an "individual's" sport than rowing, which relies entirely on the crew of the boat working together, I found that the camaraderie offered by the swim team really provided something that other parts of my college experience was lacking. This, coupled with the ample amounts of food offered by the coaches, makes the Sarah Lawrence swim team one of the best communities on campus.

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