Pre-Professional Programs

The Sarah Lawrence liberal arts education provides a strong foundation for students interested in applying to professional schools. Graduates are continually accepted to top programs and are offered paid positions in specialized fields. This is in no small part due to our Pre-Professional Programs and their dedicated advisers. Sarah Lawrence’s Pre-Professional Programs allow students to concentrate in their chosen area, while reaping the benefits of an interdisciplinary education. Each Pre-Professional Program is supported by an adviser who organizes one-on-one consultations, experiential education and networking. This leaves students in an unrivaled position when applying for professional schools.

The process of preparing a path to graduate school can begin as early as a student’s first year on campus. The critical thinking, independent primary research, experiential learning, and analytical skills at the heart of the Sarah Lawrence education are essential ingredients to one’s success as a graduate student. Still, because graduate school course requirements range from none to several specific prerequisites, it is important to know graduate program requirements. Students who begin exploring program options early in their college careers are in a better position to make informed course selections that provide the necessary foundation to become competitive graduate school applicants. Students should seek the guidance of their dons, who can serve as an important resource for how best to research and approach their applications.

Sarah Lawrence College provides four pre-professional advising programs for continued study in education, health, journalism, and law, to support students in their professional development. The Office of Career Services can also assist with the application process through individual counseling and workshops.

Pre-Education Program

Any undergraduate student exploring a career in education may participate in the Pre-Education Program. This program helps students navigate program options and supports students as they prepare for graduate study in education. Graduates of Sarah Lawrence Undergraduate College have pursued careers in education as classroom teachers, principals, early childhood directors, university professors, and education policy makers.

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Pre-Health Program

Students interested in pursuing further studies in medicine or other health-related fields may take advantage of the Pre-Health Program, which prepares students academically for medical school and assists in meeting the demands of admission to individual medical or graduate programs. Students supplement required courses in biology, chemistry, and physics with additional courses offered by the program as part of their preparation for the MCATs and postgraduate education.

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Pre-Journalism Program

Sarah Lawrence College is the ideal place for students interested in journalism, having produced some of the nation’s most respected journalists, including winners of the Pulitzer Prize and Emmy Award. In addition to classes with faculty who write for and edit The New York Times and The New Yorker, our students complete interdisciplinary courses and conference projects that give them advanced knowledge in subjects they will one day report on.

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Pre-Law Program

The Pre-Law Program offers a variety of seminars, workshops, and panels to provide insight into the work of lawyers and the demands of a legal career, legal education, and anticipating law school. Students receive individual counseling and access group meetings with programming that focuses on the law school admission process and the field of law in general. The Pre-Law advisers provide a full range of information and counseling to help you plan your legal career.

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