2014-2015 Greek Courses

Intermediate/Advanced Greek: Topics in Greek Literature

Intermediate, Advanced—Year

Themes and texts for this course will depend on enrollment and student interest. Students will attend lectures in literature: How Stories Define Us: Greek Myths and the Invention of Democracy. In addition, students will meet individually (or in small groups) once or twice a week to discuss readings in Greek.

Beginning Greek


This course provides an intensive introduction to Ancient Greek grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, with the aim of reading authentic excerpts of Ancient Greek poetry and prose as soon as possible. Students will also read and discuss several dialogues of Plato in English. During the spring semester, while continuing to refine their grammar and reading skills, students will read extended selections of Plato’s Apology in the original Greek.

Study Abroad in Greece and Turkey

Ancient Agora of AthensTaught on site in Greece and Turkey, SLC's summer program The Geography of Faith: Paul and the Emergence of Christianity in the Aegean introduces students to the Greco-Roman world and the impact of the Apostle Paul’s work in major urban centers of the Eastern Mediterranean. The program offers a combination of seminar work in the classroom and site visits to the major ancient sites where Paul lived and worked. Learn more»