Curriculum: 2016-2017

All courses are year long except those listed (F) = Fall/First semester or (S) = Spring/Second semester

I. Individual Instruction (Composition, Piano, Voice, Instrument)

IIa. Theory and Composition
Required for all students; entry level determined by diagnostic exam:

  • Theory I: Materials of Music (required)
  • Theory II: Basic Tonal Theory and Composition (required), taken along with Survey of Western Music
  • One of the following Advanced Theory* courses is required after Theory II:
    • Advanced Theory: Advanced Tonal Theory and Analysis
    • Advanced Theory: Jazz Theory and Harmony
    • Advanced Theory: Orchestration and Score Study
    • Advanced Theory: Twentieth-Century Theoretical Approaches: Post-Tonal and Rock Music

*Note: With Advanced Theory, it is required to take either a year-long seminar or two semester-long seminars in music history, which include Jazz History; Music of the Fin de Siècle (Fall); Transformation Sounds! Ethnomusicology and Social Change (Fall)Bach to Beethoven (Spring); Music from 1914-1945 (Spring); Playing What You Feel: Ethnomusicology and Musical Improvisation (Spring).

  • Sight Reading and Aural Skills
    • Intermediate and Advanced Aural Skills
    • Sight Reading for Instrumentalists
  • Compositional Techniques
    • Twentieth-Century Compositional Techniques
  • Music Technology:
    • Introduction to Electronic Music and Music Technology
    • Recording, Sequencing, and Mastering Electronic Music
    • Studio Composition and Music Technology

IIb. Music History Courses

  • Survey of Western Music (required with Theory II)
  • Jazz History
  • Music of the Fin de Siècle (F)
  • Transformation Sounds! Ethnomusicology and Social Change (F)
  • Bach to Beethoven (S)
  • Music from 1914-1945 (S)
  • Playing What You Feel: Ethnomusicology and Musical Improvisation (S)

III. Performance Classes

  • Choral Ensembles:
    • Chorus (required for first-year music students and all voice students)
    • Chamber Choir
  • Jazz Ensembles and Classes:
    • The Blues Ensemble
    • Jazz Colloquium
    • Jazz Performance and Improvisation Workshop
    • Jazz Vocal Ensemble
  • Voice Classes:
    • Jazz Vocal Seminar (F)
    • Self Discovery Through Singing 
    • So This is Opera?
    • Studio Class
  • World Music Ensembles:
    • African Classics of the Post-Colonial Era (F)
    • Solkattu Ensemble (F)
    • West African Percussion Ensemble Faso Foli (S)
  • Other Ensembles and Classes:
    • Awareness Through Movement™ for Musicians
    • Bluegrass Performance Ensemble (S)
    • Chamber Music
    • Chamber Music Improvisation (F)
    • Experimental Improvisation Ensemble (F)
    • Guitar Class
    • Guitar Ensemble
    • Orchestra Projects (required for instrumentalists)
    • Senior Recital (S)
    • Violin Masterclass

IV. Concert Attendance/Music Tuesdays Requirement

V. First Year Studies—Music and Technology

  • Core program for First Year Studies that is a Full Music Third with conferences

VI. Lectures and seminars offered to the College community that constitutes one-third of a student's total program with conferences

  • Lecture: Transformation Sounds! Ethnomusicology and Social Change (F)
  • Lecture: Bach to Beethoven (S)
  • Seminar: Playing What You Feel: Ethnomusicology and Musical Improvisation (S)

VII. Music Courses in Rotation Not Offered in 2016-2017:

  • Ancient Theory/Notation as Language
  • Baroque Ensemble 
  • Character Development for Singers
  • Conducting
  • Diction
  • Evolution of a Performance
  • First Viennese School
  • Gamelan Angklung Chandra Buana
  • Keyboard Literature
  • Romanticism in 19th Century European Music
  • Saxophone/Woodwind Ensemble
  • Seminar in Vocal Performance