Program Requirements

The Art of Teaching is designed as one program with three New York State certification tracks: the Early Childhood Education Track I, leading to a certificate in Early Childhood Education; the Childhood Education Track II, leading to a certificate in Childhood Education; and the dual Early Childhood/Childhood Education Track III, leading to one certificate in Early Childhood Education and a second certificate in Childhood Education.

A single-track or dual-track program may be completed in two years and a summer on a full-time basis, or in three years and two summers on a part-time basis.

Each track of the program will lead to a Master of Science in Education degree.

A typical full-time program Tracks I & II

Summer courses:

The Child and the Family (3 credits)
Children’s Literature (3 credits)
Foundations of Education (3 credits)
Theories of Development (3 credits)

Year 1:

Language and Literacy I & II (8 credits)
Mathematics and Technology I & II (8 credits)
Observation and Documentation (3 credits)
Advisement seminar
Field placements (180 hours, two age/grade levels)

Year 2:

Emergent Curriculum I & II (8 credits)
Children with Special Needs (3 credits)
Practicum seminar
Student-teaching (90 days, two age/grade levels)
Master’s project

Note: In the Track III dual Early Childhood/Childhood Education program, the following three courses that combine content and pedagogy would be taken for 10 credits each: “Emergent Curriculum”; “Language and Literacy”; “Mathematics and Technology”. Field placement, in conjunction with student-teaching requirements, will cover all Track III age/grade areas.