The Early Childhood Center

Founded in 1937 by Lois Barclay Murphy, an internationally renowned expert in personality development, the Early Childhood Center was among the first college laboratory schools in the United States. It provides an environment for students and faculty from Sarah Lawrence and other institutions to engage in fieldwork and student-teaching, and to conduct on-site research in the fields of normal personality and child development. It also serves as a community school for children ages 2 to 6, drawing families from 15 local school districts.

The Child Development Institute

The Child Development Institute (CDI), founded in 1987, provides a forum for students, faculty, and parents to examine child development issues. Its recent public television films, When a Child Pretends, From Pictures to Words, When Values Go to School, and When Learning Comes Naturally have received national attention. It publishes occasional papers on topics of child development and education, and offers activities, distinguished lectures and conferences, and outreach programs. Some CDI programs offer in-service credit for teacher participants. Past lectures and conferences have explored the impacts of poverty, multiculturalism, social policy, and changing family structures on children and the educational process.

The Empowering Teachers Program

Under the auspices of the Child Development Institute, this nationally recognized program serves as a forum for continuing education and support for teachers, administrators, and other professionals working with children in early childhood and public elementary education settings. In intensive summer training and follow-up workshops over two years, participants explore a variety of challenges facing children, families, and schools in today’s society, and they consider meaningful classroom practices that can improve their ability to deal with all children. Learn more about The Empowering Teachers Program»

Teaching and Learning for the Classroom Professional

This Saturday seminar course is for educators who are interested, at any stage in their careers, in ongoing inquiry. We look closely at the work of children and teachers; read articles, journals, and excerpts from books for response and discussion; and come together around particular questions of teaching practice, including issues regarding curriculum across the content areas. We use the processes developed at The Prospect Archive and Center for Education and Research as a lens through which to view the work of teaching. The focus of inquiry reflects the interests and experiences of participants in the course, as the purpose is to meet individual teaching and learning needs.

Empowering Teachers Provides Forum for Educators

The Empowering Teachers Program was established in 1989 as a forum for continuing education and support for teachers, administrators and other professionals working with children in early childhood and public elementary school settings. Learn more».