Student Guide to Summer Programs




At this time, the College is planning to operate all summer programs as scheduled and there are no changes to academic nor residential logistics for these programs. This is an evolving situation and future decisions about summer programs will be made based on the College’s coordination with government and public health officials concerning COVID-19.

Please be assured that any changes or cancellations made by the College will amend our refund policy and allow for refunds. Additionally, should any government policies restrict a registered student from participating in a summer program, a refund will also be processed.

Sarah Lawrence has established a webpage where all updates about the College’s response to COVID-19 are posted. You are encouraged to review all sections of the page and to check back frequently to stay on top of the latest developments.​

Student Guide

Enrolling in a summer program at Sarah Lawrence is a shared experience with other students who hold similar passions.

It is an opportunity to learn from exceptional faculty members and start building a network of peers that will persist long into the future. In addition to the academics of each program, there are optional evening and weekend programs for socializing, recreation, and exploration of the greater NYC area at little to no additional cost.

Living at Sarah Lawrence

Residence Hall Options

  • Students who register for air-conditioned housing will be placed in Andrews Court. Note there are a limited number of A/C rooms available and assignments will be made on a rolling basis. Early registration is encouraged.

  • Students who register for non air-conditioned housing will be placed in Slonim Woods.

Meal Plan Requirements

  • All residential students must be on the full meal plan.

  • Meals are provided by AVI Fresh. Vegan and vegetarian options are available. During the summer, the Barbara Walters Campus Center Dining Pavilion is the venue that is open for students. Specific hours will be provided in welcome materials at check-in.

  • We make every effort to accommodate food allergies. Students should note any food allergies on their medical form. All food items have proper signage and we additionally recommend that students with food allergies or concerns introduce themselves to the chefs and ask questions if things are unclear to them in any way.

Housing Assignment Process

All students are housed in private bedrooms with a shared bathroom and kitchen.

Students are first assigned a building based on their age; minors, ages 18-20, or 21+. Then, students are assigned based on their gender—students have the option of choosing if they want to live with other students who share the same gender as themselves or if they want to live with students of any gender in the same building.

Residential Staff

The summer team consists of the housing coordinator, a full-time professional who oversees all aspects of the housing and residential life process, and five to eight program assistants who are current Sarah Lawrence undergraduate students that develop community building programs and enforce policies.

Commuting to Sarah Lawrence

Transportation Options

  • For directions , maps, and options for getting to campus, please refer to the Visit Sarah Lawrence page.
  • Commuter students may drive themselves and park on campus if needed, be dropped off, or get to campus via public transit.

Meal Plan Requirements

Commuter students under the age of 18 must have at least the lunch meal plan, but may choose the full meal plan instead. Commuter students age 18 and older can choose either lunch, full, or no meal plan. Note: students in the Writer's Week program are required to have a lunch meal plan, regardless of age.

Meals are provided by AVI Fresh. Vegan and vegetarian options are available. During the summer, Barbara Walters Campus Center Dining Pavilion is the venue that is open for students. Specific hours will be provided in welcome materials at check-in.

We make every effort to accommodate food allergies. Students should note any food allergies on their medical form. All food items have proper signage and we additionally recommend that students with food allergies or concerns introduce themselves to the chefs and ask questions if things are unclear to them in any way.

Policies and Procedures

Campus Policies

ASSAULT: Physical assault in all forms is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

ATTENDANCE: Students must attend all classes unless prior arrangements have been made and Summer Programs staff have been notified.

BIAS HARASSMENT: Hate speech, aggressive behavior, harassment, and other intimidating behavior based on someone’s identity is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS: Students are expected to be respectful to their peers, teachers, and staff. Aggressive, disruptive, bullying, or any behavior that interferes with the living and learning community will not be tolerated.

CURFEW: Residential students under the age of 18 must adhere to curfew. All students must be in their residence halls by 11 PM Sunday through Thursday and by 12 AM Friday and Saturday. Students who know they are running late and will not make curfew are expected to contact the on-call Program Assistant if they are running late. Failure to do so is considered an extra violation in addition to the curfew violation. Minor commuter students will be required to check out of campus and depart campus before curfew each night.

CLASSROOM POLICIES: Students must adhere to the rules set by their teachers in the classroom.

CELL PHONES: Students are expected to keep their cell phones charged and on them at all times in case of emergency or urgent matters. Note that cell phone use should be limited while in class.

DOORS: All minor students must keep the bedroom door open if there is more than one student in the room. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. Bedrooms are considered private spaces while community and shared spaces are for socializing.

DRUGS AND ALCOHOL: Possession of, consuming, or bearing witness to the consumption of illegal, non-prescribed, or other drugs is prohibited. Students over the age of 21 may consume alcohol within their residence hall. Students under the age of 21 are prohibited from possessing, consuming, or bearing witness to the consumption of alcohol. Please note that Sarah Lawrence College is a smoke-free campus.

FACILITIES: Destroying or otherwise disrespecting Sarah Lawrence property is prohibited. Costs associated with repairing damage to Sarah Lawrence property will be billed to the student if they are found responsible.

FAILURE TO COMPLY: Students are expected to comply with the directions of Sarah Lawrence Staff regarding any behavioral issue that may emerge during the duration of the program.

Conduct Process

Any student who is suspected of violating any of the outlined policies above will first meet with the Director of Summer Programs to discuss the suspected violation. This conduct meeting is an opportunity for the student to share their perspective on the incident.

The Director will then take into consideration all reports received from both the student and others involved in the incident when deciding the appropriate outcome.

Should the student be a minor, Sarah Lawrence will notify parents/legal guardians of any conduct issues that are apparent violations of local, state or federal laws; if the Director believes the student is in any immediate risk to themselves or others; or if the conduct issue is severe enough to warrant dismissal from the program.

Potential outcomes of the conduct process include but are not limited to:

  • Dismissal from the program with no refund
  • Being put on probation, meaning if there is any future incident, the student will be automatically dismissed.
  • Legal authorities may be contacted based on the severity of the incident
  • A reflection process may be assigned to the student, such as writing an essay about the incident and conducting research into the topic more thoroughly to reflect on their behavior.
  • Restriction of enrolling in any future Summer Program at Sarah Lawrence
  • Restriction of receiving a positive reference from Summer Programs staff or faculty

Codes for a Community of Consideration

We rely on each other to make our programs a positive learning experience. The teachers and staff agree as well to the following to help create a community of consideration. We ask that all students review the below in detail and also agree.

  • Be tactful, respectful and kind with one another. Listen and speak to one another as you would like to be listened and spoken to.
  • A successful course depends on all its members. Students must attend all classes and activities and be on time. Sleeping in is not an acceptable reason for missing class.
  • Good communication is essential to a strong, positive community. If you are unable to attend any required event or class; if you’ve missed a day or will miss one, let your instructors know. If you have any problems, conflicts or concerns, speak with either your teacher or Summer Programs staff.
  • Honor risk and hard work, not competition.
  • The Sarah Lawrence Summer Community is far reaching. The hard work of many you may never meet or get to know makes this program possible. Please help respect their efforts by treating them with consideration.
  • Our evening and weekend activities are designed so that we have something enjoyable to offer for everyone. Students under the age of 18 living on campus in our residential halls must alert their Program Assistant if they are going to be off-campus. As safety is a primary concern, minor students must have permission from their parent/s to leave campus for any reason.

Health and Safety

Safety & Security

Sarah Lawrence College campus summer safety and security measures include the following:

  • 24/7 security services
  • Public Safety & Security vehicle and foot patrols (uniformed)
  • Resident Public Safety Director
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Fire and burglar alarms
  • Emergency phones located throughout the campus
  • Campus shuttle service
  • Defibrillators on campus
  • Campus Alert emergency notification system (e-mail, text, phone) available to all students, faculty, and staff

Additionally, it is recommended that all students have a personal cell phone and keep it with them at all times.

Learn more about campus safety and security

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is available for general first aid and urgent care during pre-college programs and the Filmmakers Collective from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on-call after hours and during weekends.

After Hours Staff

In addition to the on-call nurse practitioner, one program assistant is always on-call for students should there be an emergency or crisis situation. The housing coordinator is also on call and resides on-campus as a trained professional. Furthermore, the College maintains a desk staffed by Public Safety & Security 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Details about how to reach these staff will be provided to students and their families at the beginning of their program.

Local Medical Facilities

New York-Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital is less than five minutes from campus and the Yonkers/Bronxville area is served by a number of urgent care centers, as well.

Disability Services

Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodation or information on accessibility should contact Director of Professional and Summer Programs, Kodiak Trauger at We ask that requests be made in sufficient time to arrange any accommodations. For more information, please visit the Office of Disability Services website.


Students in all pre-college programs except Writer's Week will have access to the pool and squash courts in the Campbell Sports Center included in the cost of their program. Access to the Fitness Center (cardio and weight training areas) is restricted to students 18 years of age or older. Students in the Summer Seminar for Writers will be charged a $10 fee per visit for access. Adult students in the Filmmakers Collective will receive access as part of the cost of their program.