InternView: Interviews with SLC Interns

Rebecca Ringley '11

At her film development internship at Jane Startz Productions, Rebecca Ringley '11 believes "the best way to make an impression and make the most out of your internship is by connecting with people and treating yourself like a full member of the staff."

What the supervisors are saying:

Carolyn Mao and Rebecca Ringley"We have the internship program at our company to give exposure to students interested in film and who are just getting started in the business. The film world is very vast and diverse, so I think it’s important for students to get an idea for how different film production companies work. To get the most out of your internship, be enthusiastic, be eager, be willing to take on any task, be very open-minded, and just be willing to learn and also to ask questions. In our company, especially, we are all very open to helping our interns find out what part of the internship they like and to move forward in that area." –Carolyn Mao, Development Associate, Jane Startz Productions

Sam Monaco '11

As an audio engineer at, part of CBS Radio, Sam Monaco '11 is immersed in his love of music; from learning the parts of a microphone cable, managing equipment, and assisting with visiting bands, to fixing up Walter Cronkite’s old soundboard, Sam has taken his sound technician role at SLC to new heights. 

What the supervisors are saying:

Sam Monaco and Ray Archie"What do I look for in an intern? Experience is definitely key, but probably as important or more important is independence; someone who can get the concept of a project and take it and run with it. On the flipside, I think it’s also the responsibility of the company running the internship to provide that structure and educational framework. It’s important for radio to bring in young people, introduce them to radio, the technical operations, what’s under the hood. And I think it’s fun; it’s almost recruitment for us." –Ray Archie, Director, Streaming Operations, CBS Radio

Hanako Suzuki '12

As a Copywriter Intern with the Bloomingdale’s Marketing Department, Hanako Suzuki '12 contributes to the editorial voice of the brand by "writing with an objective and an identity."

What the supervisors are saying:

Melissa Seley"Bloomingdale’s (the brand) has a really fantastic summer program that Hanako has been a part of. The opportunity to work in a creative position within a very successful business brand is rare. It’s something you can almost only do in New York on this level. I think that it’s a great fit for Sarah Lawrence students because of that blend of creativity that the brand truly gets behind. The people who work here also tend to be very passionate people and that fits with Sarah Lawrence, too." –Melissa Seley MFA '08, Associate Creative Director, Copy, Bloomingdale’s

"I think it’s good for an intern to have some knowledge of the company. It’s not easy to know everything unless you get here, but you can definitely read up on it. You also want to come here with an open mind to learn the different aspects of the business." –Penny Saranteas, Senior Copy Manager, Bloomingdale’s

Amanda Walgrove '12

In addition to her many responsibilities at Westchester Magazine, editorial intern Amanda Walgrove'12 enjoys learning and writing about the events and culture of Westchester and experiencing "the flow of work that goes behind creating a magazine."

What the supervisors are saying:

John Turiano"An internship is a good way to find out if an occupation is really what you want to do. You can ask somebody about it or read an article about it, but until you’re actually doing it day after day after day, you say, can I actually do this for a living? When hiring for an internship, the first thing I see is the cover letter and resume. I check the cover letter to see if it’s not just a routine. Sometimes if you read enough they seem kind of cookie-cutter. If someone really wants a specific job, they’ll make the cover letter more about the particular internship. That shows thoughtfulness. Also when I interview interns, I am looking for more than one word answers and someone who has their own questions. You always come into the interview with your own questions." –John Turiano, Managing Editor, Intern Supervisor, Westchester Magazine

Clarissa Long '11
Editing/Writing Intern for Helene Lerner (CEO)

Helene Lerner and Clarissa Long"As an intern here at (part of Creative Expansions, Inc.), I have performed numerous tasks, and have learned so much along the way! I have edited articles for the website, helped brainstorm ideas for articles or the appearance of the site, read and edited some of my boss’ own writing for her upcoming book, called authors about their books, written on the site’s forum, written articles, dealt with troubleshooting… the list goes on and on. Beyond all these skills, though, the most important thing I have learned is how to be a part of a team. My boss has been an incredible mentor and has helped guide me gently, or rather helped me guide myself towards my goals as a writer, editor and working woman.

I think students should know that while working on skills (those they have prior to the internship and those they learn at the internship) and having experience on your resume are all part of an internship, an internship is really about finding a place where you can grow. I have definitely found that here at and urge students to pay close attention to that when looking for and working at internships."

What the supervisors are saying

"It is very important for students to get real world experience. Often guerilla tactics for standing out in the workplace (this is the next move for most college graduates) are learned during internships. I am looking for someone who is proactive, someone who takes initiative and really wants to help. They don’t have to know everything, but they need to be willing to learn things they don’t know and learn them quickly. We all support each other; we’re a part of a team. Those are the students who do well. Creative ideas are very welcome!" –Helene Lerner, CEO, Creative Expansions, Inc.

Jamie Dack '11
Yancey Richardson Gallery

Jamie Dack"My internship at the Yancey Richardson Gallery, which is one of my favorite photography galleries in Chelsea and a place I visited often even before my internship, has definitely influenced my thoughts about what I want to do after Sarah Lawrence. Ideally, I would want to be represented at a gallery and working here has really shown me what galleries do; I never fully understood the relationship between a gallery and the artists they represent until now.

There was an article in The New York Times this summer about how an internship is not supposed to be like a job, it’s supposed to be about learning. I’m learning so much here—just like a class. It’s been an amazing first-hand experience. This internship has also helped a lot with my self-esteem; I came into this internship and had to do things I didn’t know I was capable of doing. I would recommend it to anyone."

Yvonne Sangudi '10
NBC Universal

Yvonne Sangudi"After taking courses in international development, economics, and politics, I soon realized that my passions were broader than I first imagined. Bronxville was a perfect location for me because I could pursue a host of internships in NYC, while bettering myself as an individual and pursuing my varying interests at Sarah Lawrence. The unique skill set that I developed at Sarah Lawrence allowed me to be an intern that could think outside the box and contribute to the success of my department.

Career Services is there to help you with any, and every possible question you may have about how to pursue and obtain an internship. But you must remember that any internship you acquire is what you make of it. If you focus so much on getting paid, you’ll miss the entire importance of why an internship is an internship. Value and respect your time during your internship, and always remember to network cautiously and effectively."

Ari Kepnes"While there are many excellent resources for learning about internships, one great option is talking to SLC student interns directly. This project showed me the value of speaking and asking questions to my peers about their experiences and I hope—as you listened to and read from the SLC students above—that you took away something new and unexpected, as I did. Thank you to all who made this project possible." —Ari K. Kepnes '12


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