Undergraduate Student Life

The Sarah Lawrence campus integrates study and play, life and work. Amidst the Tudor architecture and distinctive landscape, students attend classes, share housing, and enjoy a community of lively interchange and expression. Dramatic and musical performances, readings, and student organizations bring people together daily. Community service opportunities, many connected with course work, engage students in efforts toward social change. For cultural offerings and internship opportunities, the resources of New York City enhance everyone's experience. Students find inspiration and entertainment within the city's pulse, and benefit immensely from faculty connections to its boundless supply of energy and talent.

Thoughts on the Matter

What is your favorite way to relax after class?

Erin Bailey '11
Erin Bailey"Going to the Tea Haus and relaxing with a nice cup of tea on one of their comfy chairs. Or going out on the North Lawn and just lying down on the grass."

Christine Spinelli '10
Christie Spinelli"My roommates and I last year used to watch Disney films and sing along to them while eating lots of chocolate and cookies. It´s truly a great way to wind down."

Rebecca Brunn '11
Rebecca Brunn"If it's nice out I love to take a blanket out to the North Lawn and read. Usually the reading doesn't last long because my friends show up one by one...I spend entire days out on the lawn just talking, playing tag, or maybe even working."