Study Abroad in Paris: Filmmaking Program

The Sarah Lawrence intensive program at EICAR, the Ecole Internationale de Cinéma, d’Audiovisuel et de Réalisation, allows students to acquire intensive training in all the essential aspects of making a movie. The Program is composed of theoretical courses and practical workshops. SLC students take their classes with French students and work with them to complete their films. The Program may be taken for a semester or a year and carries 8 credits per semester. The classes average 12 hours per week.

The study abroad filmmaking intensive is composed of two parts:

  • A theoretical part comprising courses in the history of cinema and the major theories of editing. The first course will provide students with a general background in the field. The study of the theory of editing offers a review of the main stages in the evolution of cinematographic language, thereby developing the students’ knowledge and awareness of the use of various narrative and stylistic effects. This knowledge is then put into practice through the use of editing software (Final Pro Cut), special effects software (After Effects), sound editing software (Pro Tools), as well as calibration software (Color), all of which are essential in the making of a short movie.
  • A practical part composed of selected workshops, including HD camera, light (direct and indirect lighting, blond and redhead studio lights), sound editing (voice, noise, sound effects, etc), scriptwriting (basics of dramaturgy, story-telling), and directing (apprehending acting, finesse of directing).

Students are advised by EICAR’s Director of Pedagogy and his assistant. After choosing the topic for the making of a short film, students will have weekly meetings with a tutor to progress in the development of each stage of the project: the writing of the film (title, synopsis, screenplay and note of intention), preproduction (composition of technical and artistic teams, production of documents for filming), shooting of the film and post production (image and sound editing, calibration, and mixing). A ten minute film will be completed at the end of the semester.

Sample Intensive Program (8 credits per semester, for an average of 12 class hours per week)

Preparation for production

History of Cinema

Editing Workshop

Lighting Workshop

Screenwriting Workshop

Students in intensive study abroad programs also take one SLC seminar of their choice and a required French language course (see Sample Intensive Programs).

Films by Recent Students

Application Process
All students applying to the study abroad program in filmmaking must be approved by and receive initial guidance from the SLC Paris Program Director.

For further information, please e-mail Monique Middleton, Paris Program Director.

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Thoughts on the Paris Program

"Jonathan Broda is the best professor I ever had. My classmates and I are constantly blown away by his deep reservoir of knowledge and his intense desire to share his passion for cinema. It has been a wonderful experience to be taught by him […] Taking classes at EICAR has been a fantastic experience and I would recommend it to any student in the Sarah Lawrence Program interested in film or filmmaking." –Rebekah Shermann-Mintty, SLC, Spring 2012

"EICAR has been a wonderful experience, certainly a unique extension of the SLC-professor-student dialogue and a fascinating thrust into the world French student filmmaking […] EICAR was a really amazing, multi-faceted and very French learning experience. I was really happy to be able to go to a real film school and be able to practice my French at the same time, while also meeting with French students (and professors) really dedicated to and excited about their craft. I can’t believe I just made a movie in French." –Micah Gottlieb, SLC, 2011-2012