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Meet Our National Parents Fund Co-Chairs: Carol and Frank Riddick

Carol and Frank RiddickCarol and Frank Riddick still remember the day their son Taylor received his acceptance letter from Sarah Lawrence College. Of all the schools he was considering, the Riddicks were most excited about Sarah Lawrence because they "felt it was a place where his creativity and curiosity could thrive." At the time, the Riddicks say they didn’t fully appreciate just how special the College was or the incredible impact it would have on their son—and on them.

Four years later, Taylor is a member of the Class of 2011. "We hardly recognize the boy we brought to New York in 2007," say the Riddicks. "His college experience has transformed him in ways that extend far beyond the academic sphere."

In addition to witnessing their son's intellectual growth, the Riddicks watched as Taylor was challenged and inspired by a range of subjects—from architecture and German to screenwriting and cryptanalysis, or the study of methods for obtaining the meaning of encrypted information.

But, according to the Riddicks, what impresses them the most about Taylor's overall growth is his strong sense of self, as well as confidence in his ability to navigate challenges and complex situations. Frank notes proudly, "He's become tenacious in the pursuit of his interests and the defense of his beliefs while maintaining an open mind to the perspectives and opinions of others."

Carol adds, "He's gained a greater understanding of himself and the rest of the world through Sarah Lawrence, and we, in turn, have gained tremendous respect and appreciation for the College."

And it is precisely this respect and appreciation that motivated the Riddicks to become even more involved with the College, as National co-chairs of the Parents Fund. Throughout Taylor's time at the College, they have witnessed first-hand just how important parent support is to cultivate and maintain Sarah Lawrence's vitality as an institution. Parent support helps fuel day-to-day operations, as well as new initiatives, physical upgrades, and other activities necessary for sustaining and improving the College’s unique educational experience.

Of their motivation as co-chairs, the Riddicks say, "We believe strongly in the unique education that Sarah Lawrence has given our son. We want to ensure that students today, and in the future, continue to benefit from it."

Parent Fund Update

We are pleased to report that this past year, the Parents Fund raised half a million dollars, funds that were immediately put to use to enrich the experiences of all students currently on campus. The incredibly generous support was used to expand cutting-edge technology resources in classrooms, improve facilities across campus and recruit the best and brightest students around.

At the Office of Parent Programs, we are so grateful for your support. Every semester, we see increased numbers of parents rolling up their sleeves and taking ownership of the Sarah Lawrence experience, for their students and other students currently on campus. The focus of the parent community has been nothing short of inspiring. Parents continue to make an immediate mark on campus life, in innovative and exciting ways.

As Carol and Frank Riddick, parents of Taylor '11 and National Parents Fund Co-Chairs, have said, "No other institution offers such depth of interaction and independence of thought. Taylor learned how to learn at Sarah Lawrence."

In an unprecedented show of support, the Riddicks are such strong believers in the Sarah Lawrence education that they have committed to an additional year as Co-Chairs of the Fund—despite the fact that their son graduated in May.

They say, "We believe in the transformative aspect of the learning here and want to do everything we can to ensure that students will continue to benefit."

We are so grateful, as always, for your support. | If you'd like to support the Parents Fund, please use our secure online giving form»