Notification of the Sarah Lawrence College Community About an Immediate Threat

The college requests that all members of the Sarah Lawrence College Community notify the Sarah Lawrence Public Safety Department immediately at (914) 395-2222 of any situation or incident on campus that involves a significant emergency or danger that may pose an immediate or on-going threat to the health and safety of students and/or employees on campus. Members of the SLC Public Safety Department will then respond to such situations to assess the potential threat and will summon the necessary resources to mitigate, investigate, and/or document any situation that may pose a significant emergency or danger. If the Public Safety Department determines that the situation does, in fact, pose a threat to the health or safety of the community, it will notify the campus community, or the appropriate segments of the community that may be affected by the situation, using various systems that have been implemented to provide emergency information quickly, such as global e-mails, public address systems on security vehicles, voice messages and emergency text messages. Depending on the situation, some or all of these communication methods may be utilized. In addition, given the specific facts of a situation, there may be times when the College initiates the notification process even before security personnel get to the scene and verify the critical incident. The College will, without delay, and taking into account the safety of the community, determine the content of the notification and initiate the notification system, unless the notification will, in the professional judgment of responsible authorities, compromise efforts to assist victims or to contain, respond to, or otherwise mitigate the emergency.

If time permits, the Director of Public Safety and the Vice President of Operations and Finance will jointly initiate the notification process and determine the content of the notification before it is sent. There are situations though in which time is of the essence. During one of these situations, any of the following individuals at the college can individually initiate the notification process, as well as, determine the content of the notification: security officers, security dispatchers, security supervisors, the assistant director of public safety, the director of public safety and the Vice President of Operations and Finance. The determination of who to notify at the college will be made based upon whether an emergency is localized to a specific geographical location of the college or if it is campus wide.

Members of the larger community who are interested in receiving information about emergencies on campus should sign up for the college’s emergency notification system. The college may post updates during a critical incident on the Sarah Lawrence College website at Individuals can also call the office of Operations and Facilities at (914) 395-2385 in regards to specific questions about an emergency on campus.

Campus Lockdown Procedures

What to do in the event of a hostile intruder

You will be notified through our emergency notification system and by the college's loud speaker system to go into lockdown.

Take the following action
When an intruder on campus is actively causing deadly harm or the threat of imminent deadly harm to people, you must immediately seek cover and call or contact the police, 911, and the College's Department of Public Safety & Security. Give as many details as possible relative to location, number of assailants, means of aggression and other pertinent information.

What to do during a lockdown:

  • Do not sound the fire alarm to evacuate the building. People may be placed in harm's way when they are attempting to evacuate the building. If a fire alarm does go off during a lockdown, do not evacuate unless you smell smoke.
  • Be aware of alternate exits if it becomes necessary to flee. Persons should lock themselves in classrooms, dorm rooms, and offices as a means of protection.
  • Persons should stay low, away from windows and barricade their door(s) if possible and use furniture or desks as cover.
  • Cover any windows or openings that have a direct line of sight into the hallway.
  • Shut the blinds or pull the shades down. Turn-off the lights and try to give the impression that the room is empty.
  • Put your cell phones on vibrate.
  • Do not make any noise.
  • Students and staff should not attempt to leave the building until told to do so by security or police personnel. The exception to this is when a person believes that they are in more danger in staying in the building than in attempting to escape.
  • If you are outside of a building when a lockdown is announced, if it is safe to do so, run into the nearest building and follow the above lockdown instructions. If it is not safe to run into a building, hide behind a large heavy object (i.e. vehicle, tree).

Emergency Notification System

The College encourages all faculty, students, and staff to sign up for its emergency notification system. Once you have signed up for the system, you will not need to do it again unless any of your contact information has changed. For weather related closings or time sensitive emergencies, this is our main form of notification. It will take you less than five minutes to sign up at Once at the Web site, use your official college email for the school email address. Your temporary password is your SLC ID number without the leading zeros. You choose how you would like to be notified (email, text and/or phone). Please note that the phone number you enter should not be your campus telephone. Using your dorm or office number will clog the campus phone system since this is a mass notification system. You may enter any other telephone number including your cell phone or home phone. The emergency notification system is only utilized in emergency situations.