Dance Performance by Mary Armentrout '85

Performing Arts Center Bessie Schonberg Dance Studio

Open to the public

/ Tuesday


At once a site-specific performance meditation and a technology/embodiment puzzle, listening creates an opening that asks how we listen and what we hear. Leading in a listening state into and out of and around the Bessie Schönberg Dance Theatre, this piece poses the further question of what do we do next—once we have started to hear?

This is a wandering performance with the audience standing and walking, lying down, and changing locations several times during the show. Please wear comfortable shoes, and dress for the (suburban) outdoors.

Mary Armentrout '85 is an experimental choreographer whose works employ a philosophical mode of questioning and listening. The Mary Armentrout Dance Theater is a San Francisco-based intermedia collective creating hybrid performance works that problematize the lived experience of intentionality and presence, and include the audience’s role as a key element of the performance equation.