Science Seminar Series: Making MRI More Affordable and Accessible

Science Center 103

Open to the public

/ Tuesday


Speaker: Merideth Frey, Sarah Lawrence Physics Faculty

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses physics to provide useful information for a wide variety of disciplines. Unfortunately, conventional MRI is very expensive and often only available in dedicated medical or research facilities. In this talk, Physics faculty member Merideth Frey will discuss the efforts of the physics research group at Sarah Lawrence College to build a low-cost mini-MRI system that will be specialized for small samples such as zebrafish. The group uses physics to re-design the standard MRI system to use low-cost materials, and provides the design files, experimental results, and analysis programs online so others can use and adapt the design. Come hear the progress the group has made thus far, and the plans for the future (including when we might possibly start seeing some images!)

Pizza lunch will be served.