The Sarah Lawrence Interdisciplinary Collaborative on the Environment (SLICE): How to Solve Climate by 2030 with Dr. Eban Goodstein


Open to the public

/ Thursday


Join Dr. Eban Goodstein, director of the Center for Environmental Policy and MBA in Sustainability at Bard College, for a discussion on how to solve climate by 2030.

In this talk, Dr. Goodstein will discuss what it means to "solve climate by 2030” and relevant action plans. He will critically examine the mainstream policy proposals, such as replacing gas vehicles with electric vehicles and switching from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources. How have these proposals been implemented by different countries now? Are driving more EVs and using more clean energies enough for solving climate change in the next decade? What else should we do?

This talk is sponsored by The Donald C. Samuel Fund for Economics and Politics and is a part of our series presented by “The Sarah Lawrence Interdisciplinary Collaborative on the Environment” (SLICE). Sarah Lawrence College community members are invited to attend the talk in-person and members of the public are invited to participate via Zoom. Please click here to register for this event.