Anti-Asian Racism & Violence: Are Hate Crime Prosecutions the Answer?

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Open to the public

/ Tuesday


In the wake of both the Atlanta shootings - where 6 Asian women were shot dead by a white male - and the pervasive anti-Asian racism and violence that has occurred amidst the pandemic, the SLC Justice series tackles what it means to prosecute these injustices as hate crimes. Join attorney & former federal prosecutor, Shan Wu  MFA ’84, as he discusses the history of anti-Asian violence in the U.S. and the role of the criminal justice system in prosecuting crimes against Asians.   


Shan Wu is a former federal prosecutor and legal analyst. He served as counsel to former Attorney General Janet Reno and writes frequently on racism in the law. 

This event is open to the entire Sarah Lawrence community. A zoom link will be sent to registrants within 24 hours of the event or email