Sarah Lawrence Theatre Presents: thewaves-or-untitled (A Digital Performance)

Open to the public

/ Saturday


The Sarah Lawrence College Theatre Program presents a digital performance of thewaves-or-untitled.

Choreographed and Assembled by evan ray suzuki
Developed with the Ensemble
Deconstructed from Virginia Woolf

thewaves-or-untitled is a radical deconstruction of Virginia Woolf's experimental 1931 novel The Waves, through writing, dance, and experimental modes of performance. We have superimposed our own content and crafted new stories from personal narratives and interests, highlighting fascinations with internet culture, digital sexuality, cinematic memory, and popular media. Initially conceived as a live performance, thewaves-or-untitled is now reimagined as a digital performance experience. Our investigations now take the form of a literal embodiment of our interest in the relationship between selfhood and a Post-Internet landscape through the use of the Tumblr platform to present our work.

For information and instructions on how to view this performance online, please register on Eventbrite.