Science Seminar Series: Hear, here? The what and where of Northern saw-whet owl auditory processing: a lecture by Dr. Megan Gall, Vassar College

Science Center 103

Open to the public

/ Tuesday


You've probably heard that owls have fantastic hearing, both in terms of detecting and localizing sound. However, we have surprisingly little comparative data on owl hearing, with most of the information coming from barn owls. In this talk I will discuss our recent work on the (very cute and fairly small) Northern saw-whet owls (Aegolius acadicus). We'll cover the morphological specializations of saw-whet ears; their ability to detect and process sounds that differ in frequency, rate, and onset; and how the location of the sound source in space affects their auditory sensitivity. Come learn about all the auditory specializations these little owls have that allow them to hunt in complete darkness!