The Friends of Sarah Lawrence Presents: The Complete History of Classical Music—Mini-Course with Martin Goldray

Note: This event has ended.

Marshall Field Room 1

Not open to the public

/ Friday

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The final part of a three-part mini-course with music faculty member Martin Goldray. This event is open to the Friends of Sarah Lawrence; to register for this event or to learn more about joining the Friends, please contact Cheryl Cipro at or 914.813.9211.

This mini-course will present a whirlwind tour through the complete history of classical music, touching on virtually everything you might encounter in concerts, on recordings, and in conversations with people attempting to show off their knowledge of classical music. We will discuss and listen to examples of works by the major and some minor composers and discuss their styles and techniques, their social and professional contexts, their instruments and performance styles, and the ways their music might be encountered today. You will learn how to identify the different periods instantly and how to describe their most salient aspects. The first session will cover the Medieval and Renaissance periods, the second will cover the Baroque and Classical periods, and the third will cover the 19th to the 21st centuries. If any participants in the mini-course would like to have a particular aspect of music history enlarged upon—slightly!—along the way, please contact Martin by December 1 at