Work in Progress: Roland Dollinger

Roland DollingerThree heavyweight German intellectuals of the early 20th century—Carl Jung, Martin Heidegger, and Gottifried Benn—were avowed anti-Semites. Yet all three had affairs with Jewish women.

Roland Dollinger (German) is examining these relationships in a forthcoming book on German-Jewish relations, which he researched during a recent sabbatical. He will draw connections between the three famous men and the Jewish women with whom they were involved: Sabrina Spielrein, Hannah Arendt, and Else Lasker Schuler.

The women all became highly significant writers and intellectuals in their own right, although they were threatened by the Nazis' rise to power. Arendt and Schuler had to flee the country, while Spielrein fell victim to their mass murder.

In his book, Dollinger—a native of Augsburg, Germany—will explore how these complicated romantic and political experiences affected the writers' intellectual legacies. The book will be written for popular, rather than academic, audiences.