Sarah Lawrence College student awarded Meredith Fonda Russell International Fieldwork Fellowship

Sarah Lawrence College sophomore Trevor Wallace has been awarded the Meredith Fonda Russell International Fieldwork Fellowship to continue work on a project titled "Hydroelectric Dams in Nepal through Documentary" this summer in Kathmandu along with two other research areas near Everest Base Camp and in Western Nepal.

Through his research on hydroelectric dams, Wallace will explore rural people’s changing relationship with the land and development. Wallace plans to connect with grassroots non-governmental organizations and local populations and will focus on small projects such as micro hydels—the automated use of water mills and technology—to generate electricity to power small villages.

In addition to his research, Wallace will produce a weekly media project (podcast, photo-essay, and film) as a Beyond Good Intentions Fellow for dissemination on BGI's Web site, conducting regular interviews and field visits to local aid organizations.

Beyond Good Intentions is an organization committed to uncovering more innovative and effective approaches to international aid worldwide. According to the organization, their film series and educational programs work to catalyze a much-needed dialogue about aid effectiveness.

For more information on the Meredith Fonda Russell International Fieldwork Fellowship, contact Evelyn Leong, associate dean of studies, at .