Film History faculty member Malcolm Turvey

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Film History faculty member Malcolm Turvey has been named one of 26 fellows by The Stanford Humanities Center at Stanford University for the 2011-12 academic year to research and write his upcoming book Play Time: Jacques Tati and Comedic Modernism.

Play Time: Jacques Tati and Comedic Modernism will be the first book about the films of Jacques Tati (1907-1982) by an English-language scholar in over 25 years. The book will offer a comprehensive analysis of Tati's highly original and challenging aesthetic, which he cultivated in response to problems of modern life. The focus will be on Tati's synthesis of his modernist aesthetic with the popular genre of comedian comedy, by showing how Tati, like artists working in other mediums, combined the two in innovative ways.

Turvey is the author of two previous books: The Filming of Modern Life: European Avant-Garde Film of the 1920s (MIT Press, 2011) and Doubting Vision: Film and the Revelationist Tradition (Oxford University Press, 2008). His essays have appeared in a number of journals and anthologies, including Framework, Millennium Film Journal, Film Studies: An International Review, Artforum, Film Theory and Philosophy (Oxford University Press, 1997), Freud’s Worst Nightmares (Cambridge University Press, 2003), The Philosophy of Film: Introductory Text and Readings (Blackwell, 2005) and European Film Theory (Routledge, 2008).

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