The Dick Butkus Society

The founding members of The Dick Butkus SocietyBeth Koscianski ’11 MA ’12 came to Sarah Lawrence College with a slightly heavy heart. She was leaving behind her brothers and her television—a combination that allowed her to watch as much football as she wanted. Which, as it turns out, is quite a bit.

But during her first year, she met a few other students who loved football just as much as she did. For the past three years, Koscianski has joined Matt Alberswerth ’12, Jonathan Monitz ’12, and a handful of others in the Pub to watch every single game of the NFL season.

All this despite their busy schedules. Koscianski, for example, is a resident adviser and both a senior and first-year graduate student in the Women’s History program. She also has a job.

“You make time for what you love,” she says with a shrug of her petite shoulders. “And I love football.”

Last fall, the students made their group into an official club, called The Dick Butkus Society after the famous Chicago Bears linebacker. Koscianski, Alberswerth, and Monitz co-chair the club.

Sarah Lawrence televisions are first come, first served, so for their Super Bowl celebration this year, Koscianski showed up on the second floor of the Pub at 11:30 a.m. to claim the TV. (The game didn't start until 6:29 p.m.)

“There was no way I was giving this TV up,” she said. “The Super Bowl, for me, is the biggest holiday of the year. It was packed. People were covering every surface. I’ve never experienced something like that while watching football here.” She estimates that 30 people watched the game with them.

For Koscianski, the Super Bowl is also the saddest day of the year, because it means football season is over. But these fans won’t quit: the group is planning on having an NFL draft dance party in April. After that, they’ll have to wait until next season’s training camps begin in August.