Sarah Lawrence College Coaches Earn End of Year Accolades

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Sarah Lawrence College coaches Matt Cribbin (Women’s Volleyball), Michael Butler (Men’s Soccer), and Jay Barston (Women’s Tennis) were each named Coach of the Year in their respective sports by the Hudson Valley Athletic Conference (HVWAC).

Coach Matt Cribbin directed the Women’s Volleyball team to a first place ranking in the conference, earning the top seed in the HVWAC Conference Tournament. This is the third year in a row that Cribbin has won Coach of the Year honors.

“Matt really worked to make sure everyone improved and learned something new about the sport. He challenged us to always try our hardest for the sake of the team, and in the end it paid off. This is the best team I've had the privilege to be a part of, and Matt's leadership inspired us to be that team” said senior Betsy Dupuis, co-captain of the volleyball team.

In his first year, Coach Mike Butler, along with co-head coach Hassan Turner, led the Men’s soccer team to four wins. The team ended the season ranked 5th in the conference.

“Coach taught us about the game and ourselves… he encouraged us to trust each other and to collaborate as a force of eleven all seeking the same goal,” said senior Bobby Phillips, captain of the team.

Coach Jay Barston guided the Women’s Tennis team to a 7-1 overall record and the 2010 HVWAC Tennis Championship.

“I could not be more pleased with our coaches or our program this year. Our fall sports have been very successful; the titles and trophies the teams have brought home are a tribute to all of the hard work the athletes and coaches have put in over the last several months,” said Sarah Lawrence College Athletic Director Carolyn Miles.