Blavatnik Family Foundation Grant for Innovation in Arts and Technology Awarded to Sarah Lawrence College

Sarah Lawrence College has received a five year planning grant from The Blavatnik Family Foundation to initiate cross-disciplinary programs that integrate the arts and digital technology.  The $260,000 gift will support a plan to develop an innovative program for teaching and research, enabling the College to expand its arts programs to embrace digital arts and technology which branch out into computer science, filmmaking, creative writing, music, and stagecraft.

“This gift will allow us to build upon the work of our highly creative faculty,” said College President Karen Lawrence. “We are confident that students emerging from the programs we initiate as a result of this grant will be prepared to make groundbreaking contributions to the visual and performing arts, adding significantly and appropriately to the body of work of previous generations of renowned Sarah Lawrence alumni.”

Sarah Lawrence is distinctive in the way that the arts interact with the humanities, sciences and social sciences. Because the College has no separate departments or majors and a strong tradition of cross-disciplinary approaches to learning, Sarah Lawrence is the site of lively and important interactions between the arts and other disciplines, both in student work and in faculty research.

The Blavatnik Family Foundation has provided financial support to leading institutions of higher education around the world including major gifts to the University of Oxford, Harvard University and Tel Aviv University, as well as cultural organizations including the National Gallery of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the U.S. and the Tate and Royal Academy of the Arts in the U.K.