Booth Ferris Donation Advances Science Program

The Booth Ferris Foundation has made a gift of $125,000 to support the teaching of science at Sarah Lawrence College. The gift will provide for the purchase of science instrumentation and equipment that will expand the College’s capacity to conduct research and teaching, including collaborative student-faculty research.

While Sarah Lawrence has a strong reputation in the arts and humanities, it is equally proud of its rich science curriculum, which has always been considered an important part of a well-rounded, progressive education. The Booth Ferris gift is having an immediate, positive impact on the science program by allowing the increase in quality and quantity of research and lab-intensive work, and providing greater flexibility and new possibilities for course and curricular design.

Included in the new instrumentation and equipment are an inverted microscope for cell observation, enabling more detailed studies of changes in cell structure, characteristics, growth, and development; a nanodrop spectrophotometer which affords the analysis of DNA molecules; a UV spectrophotometer, essential for quantitative determination of chemical solutions and compounds; a drybox system which will allow students to work on producing new chemicals for the first time; an ICP-AES, used for the accurate detection and measurement of proportions of elements in the composition of compounds and materials; and a Nao “humanoid” robot, a state-of-the-art, interactive, programmable robot.