Jamee Moudud publishes new book

Strategic Competition, Dynamics, and the Role of the State: A New PerspectiveJamee K. Moudud, a member of the economics faculty at Sarah Lawrence College, “has taken a novel approach to the study of macrodynamics,” says Cyrus Bina, an editor of the Journal of Critical Studies on Business and Society, about Moudud’s newly published book, Strategic Competition, Dynamics and the Role of the State: A New Perspective (2010 Edward Elgar Press, New Directions in Modern Economics series). “Here turbulence and crisis are deemed inseparable from the dynamics of capitalist economies and the last three decades of neoliberal policies are eloquently called into question,” he writes about Moudud’s work. As Professor Anwar Shaikh of the New School University writes in his foreword, Moudud’s book rejects the false dichotomy between perfect and imperfect markets (a common feature of conventional analyses) so as to ground his analytical framework in the way that real-world markets actually behave.

Called a timely, refreshing, and challenging book by Jesus Felipe of the Asian Development Bank, it has also won praise from others writing in the field, including Gary Mongiovi, co-editor of the Review of Political Economy, who writes that the book is “that rarest of things—both a useful teaching tool and an original contribution in its own right.”