Greenie Awards

Sarah Lawrence College’s bike share program, spearheaded by director of facilities Maureen Gallagher, and the work of students at the Buena Vista Community Gardens, led by Lisa Chodorkoff ’10, were among the 27 winners of the City of Yonkers Green Policy Task Force’s 2010 “Greenie” awards. The awards were:

The College Student Do Something About It Award

Lisa Chodorkoff of the Sarah Lawrence College Enviro-Earth Club
What do you get when you mix dirt, community and Sarah Lawrence College students? Visit the Buena Vista Community Gardens to see for yourself. This group of students and Enviro-Earth Club members make weekly pilgrimages to the Buena Vista Community Gardens to teach hands-on environmental science and garden ecology to Yonkers kids, ages 5-18. They also offer environmentally friendly craft and writing workshops in the Riverfront Library every Saturday.

Transportation Award

Sarah Lawrence College (Maureen Gallagher)
SLC recently rolled out a bike-share program, fixing up six abandoned bicycles and placing them in a designated rack in front of the library for students, faculty, and staff to use to get around campus, pedal into town, or just to get some exercise. Bikes can be checked out at the main library as easily as checking out a book. Use of the bicycle is free for up to six hours; after that, riders will be charged 25 cents per hour or a full-day rate of six dollars. Every bike comes with a lock, and users are encouraged to be diligent about securing bikes so that the community can keep pedaling. Learn more about the bike-share program»