Local Couple Creates Scholarship Fund

A Bronxville couple, John and Emily Corry, have given Sarah Lawrence College $100,000 to create a new scholarship fund. The gift will become part of the College’s endowment, generating funds for institutional grants to students.

“My frequent use of its excellent library and our many other contacts with Sarah Lawrence have made Emily and me strong supporters of the College and its role as a contributing member of the Bronxville community.  We are delighted to create a fund to help its deserving students,” said John Corry.

Financial aid for students is one of the Sarah Lawrence’s chief priorities. For the current academic year, the College is providing more than $16 million in institutional aid to over half the undergraduate student body, with an average award of $26,000.

“Sarah Lawrence has one of the smallest student-faculty ratios in the country and that is very expensive. Yet I know of no better way to educate our young people,” said Karen Lawrence, the College’s president. A focus on teaching, mentoring, discussion, writing and close evaluation of student work is at the very core of what the College offers through its distinctive pedagogy of small classes and one-on-one conference work with faculty.

“Raising the College’s modest endowment to provide greater economic diversity of students, as well as supporting the College’s fine faculty, is the major thrust of our fund raising efforts,” Lawrence said. “The John and Emily Corry Scholarship Fund is a model for what we hope to achieve as we seek support for the College.”

In 2007-08, Sarah Lawrence College celebrates 80 years as a liberal arts college, 40 as a coeducational institution. Founded on progressive educational principles, the College, with one of the lowest student-faculty ratios in the country (9:1), focuses on the individual student and a commitment to community. Writing across the disciplines is also a Sarah Lawrence hallmark.