Esteemed Honorary Trustee Laurence F. Whittemore Dies

Laurence F. Whittemore, a valued, longtime member of the Board of Trustees, and since 2000 Honorary Trustee, died on December 24 at the age of 78, following complications resulting from a fall.

"He was a great friend to the College, to the Board, the faculty and staff, and the students. We all appreciated his sound judgment, sense of humor, and wisdom in guiding the College," said Margot Bogert, former chairman of the Board.

Laurence F. Whittemore and his wife, Sarah, became actively involved in the College as members and co-chairs of the Parents Council during the years two of their four daughters were undergraduate students; Gioia graduating in 1987 and Arianna in 1989. Another daughter, Nike Roberts, received a master's degree from the College's Health Advocacy Program in 2006. "The Whittemore family is and will always be part of the Sarah Lawrence family," said President of the College, Karen Lawrence.

In 1988 Mr. Whittemore was elected to the Sarah Lawrence College Board of Trustees. Among his many contributions was his chairmanship of the Investment Committee. His acumen served the College well during difficult times on Wall Street. "He was a very wise manager of the College's funds," said Secretary of the College, Julie Auster.

Active in numerous organizations reflecting his broad interests, Mr. Whittemore's regard for the arts fit well with the needs of the College. In 1995 he established a term chair in the visual arts that contributed significantly to the conceptual development of the visual arts curriculum focusing on interdisciplinary work, and ultimately the design of a new visual arts center, which opened in 2004. His many gifts over the years provided critical support for the College.

Laurence Frederick Whittemore was born in Bangor Maine and graduated in 1951 from Yale University, having spent a year at Balliol College, Oxford University. In 1953 he received an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Following service as a U.S. Intelligence Officer in the Western Pacific from 1953-1956, he joined the Wall Street private banking firm Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. and became General Partner in 1974. He is survived by his wife, Sarah Arnold Whittemore, four daughters, Arianna Miceli, Gioia Frelinghuysen, Lia Prentiss Whittemore, Nike Roberts, four grandchildren, three step-grandchildren and two sisters.