Campbell Corner Poetry Prize Reading

Winners of the Campbell Corner Poetry Prize, a $3,000 award, along with other distinguished poets, will read from their work on October 30 at Sarah Lawrence College at 7 p.m. in the Suzanne Werner Wright Theatre.

The event, to be hosted by College faculty member and poet Jeffrey McDaniel with remarks by contest judges Phillis Levin, Vijay Seshadri, and Rachel Hadas, features the following poets:

  • Barbara Claire Freeman, Winner 2007
  • Veronica Patterson, Co-Winner 2006
  • John Pursley III, Co-Winner 2006
  • Susan Tichy, Distinguished Entry 2007
  • William Wenthe, Distinguished Entry 2007
  • Lynn Chandhok, Distinguished Entry 2006

The Campbell Corner Poetry Contest is sponsored by the Language Exchange, an online venue organized by philosophy faculty member emerita Elfie Raymond as “a place for people from different parts of the world and different walks of life to communicate their personal patterns of insights by drawing on their language skills and knowledge as poets and philosophers.”

“Whereas philosophy tends to use myth as a clarifying tool to render the world, and us within it, more intelligible by the grace and force of reason, poetry relies on myth and metaphor as matrix and co-creatrix for its spells and power,” begins the introduction to the Language Exchange web site.

“The aim of this initiative is an alliance between Philosophy and Poetry to the benefit of both. We extend an invitation to poets, writers, and thinkers to contribute with their work and inquiries to the Sarah Lawrence Language Exchange and enter the competition for the Campbell Corner Poetry Contest Prize,” states the Website, which contains poems and essays contributed by foremost writers and poets.

The 2008 annual contest is seeking entries, especially poems that “treat larger themes with lyric intensity,” according to the organizers. All entries for Campbell Corner's tenth Poetry Contest must be postmarked by March 15, 2008.

Campbell Corner is named for the late Joseph Campbell who taught at Sarah Lawrence College from 1934–1972.