Applied Research Ethics Certificate Program

Sarah Lawrence College-for three decades a leader in health advocacy and human genetics master’s level education-offers a pioneering Applied Research Ethics (ARE) Certificate Program designed for healthcare professionals who seek career change and advancement.

"As research in health and medicine becomes increasingly 'geneticized,' and as research involving human subjects continues to grow, it is vital to prepare genetic professionals who work in the research arena-such as medical genetics study managers, study coordinators, patient recruitment specialists, research and genetics counselors. This program is precisely what’s needed," said program faculty member Caroline Lieber, the Director of the Joan H. Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics at Sarah Lawrence College.

Scientific research embodies promises of improved health, but also risks associated with human experimentation. The research arena is increasingly complex, and as a result requires health professionals who can knowledgeably work on research-related issues both from within and outside the healthcare system-in clinical settings, with disease-specific groups, with research organizations and in oversight agencies and local communities. Such professionals need to employ a range of strategies to be effective in the research arena: formulating/reformulating research questions, designing/redesigning studies, insuring informed consent, monitoring human subject's protections, increasing accountability to the public, finding more effective ways to safeguard research subjects and improving education for patients, consumers and the general public.

"Annually, millions of Americans volunteer to participate as human subjects in research," said bioethics expert and Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Maryland Adil E. Shamoo, another program faculty member. "Many segments of our society are involved in this complex process-the federal government, industry, research institutions and, of course, the human subjects themselves. The process faces enormous challenges, and the health research professional stands at the center of this complex web of decision-making,"

Students can take all of the courses offered and earn a certificate or select only the courses that interest them and receive continuing education credits. To accommodate program participants’ busy schedules, classes take place on campus over short intensive periods, and students can start the program at various times during the year.

The program includes lectures by and discussions with guest speakers from government, non-profit organizations, and the health care industry, and offers students valuable networking opportunities to learn about jobs and developments in the field.

To download an application form or for more information about the program, visit the website, call (914)-395-2371 or send an email to:

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