SLC Endorses Annapolis Group Actions

Sarah Lawrence College plans to work with national educational organizations in developing a common format to share information with prospective students and their families to use in the college search process, a step resulting from meetings June 18-19 of the Annapolis Group (AG) of leading national liberal arts colleges. “We believe in accountability and openness, and that the public has a right to solid and reliable information about the important decisions involved in choosing a college,” said President Michele Tolela Myers.

Along with many Annapolis Group institutions, Sarah Lawrence College plans not to participate in the peer reputational survey or data collection for U.S. News and World Report’s rankings -- a tool that a majority of AG presidents agreed is flawed and misleading -- in the future. “By submitting data and the peer reputation survey we have tacitly been endorsing these rankings,” said Myers. “All the information we have provided to U.S. News in the past will be available to the public through other channels.”

Both President Myers and President-Elect Karen R. Lawrence participated in the AG's meetings. The rankings were among the many topics covered at this annual gathering.

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