Fawaz Gerges, History Faculty: SLC in the News

History faculty member Fawaz Gerges, an expert on the insurgency movement in Iraq and on the jihad movement, shares his opinions with the media:

NPR: "Remember, al-Qaida breeds on chaos and war. And if the Palestinians descend into all-war, in the next few weeks we'll likely witness the emergence of new networks, who tend to subscribe to al-Qaida ideology."

Counterterrorism Blog: "It's going to be a very hot summer in tiny Lebanon. You have Al Qaeda-inspired groups ready to die. These people fight until the end."

Daily Times: “The Middle East is boiling, and not just in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq. What official Washington views as “clarifying moments” are deepening institutional crises shaking the foundations of Middle Eastern societies.”

CNN: “I think the administration has boxed itself in. It has become a hostage of its own rhetoric. And that's why American diplomacy is not as effective as it should be.”

Christian Science Monitor: “Rather than democracy's advance, we have deepening and widening fault lines shaking Muslim and Arab society.”