Goldman and Sanford-Pillsbury Screen "Open Window"

Mia Goldman & Midge Sanford-Pillsbury Open Window
Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Film Viewing Room
7 p.m.

The new HBO feature film Open Window will be screened at Sarah Lawrence College on October 25. A reception at 6:15 p.m. will kick-off the screening at 7 p.m., followed by questions and answers with film writer/director Mia Goldman and producer Midge Sanford-Pillsbury. The event will take place in the Film Viewing Room of the Performing Arts Center. For more information, please call 914-395-2412.

The Film/New Media and Health Advocacy Programs, as co-sponsors, have invited the filmmakers to Sarah Lawrence to raise issues on what trauma does to people’s lives. This is an “important subject for a feature film to address” commented Visual Arts faculty member Demetria Royals. “Violence to women’s mental and reproductive health affects not only the victim but ripples through family and community,” said Marsha Hurst, Director of the graduate program in health advocacy.

Open Window has been gaining acclaim. The film’s lead actress received Best Actress Award at the 2006 Boston Film Festival and the filmmakers have received an invitation to the Stockholm International Film Festival as well as Sundance.

The film’s website provides the following synopsis: “Izzy (Robin Tunney) is a struggling young photographer. Peter (Joel Edgerton) is an assistant professor at a university in Los Angeles. Newly engaged and madly in love, they find their cozy world shattered by a random act of violence. Their respective parents, the idiosyncratic Arlene and sportswriter John, and Peter’s mercurial father Eddie, weave their way though their children’s lives and it soon becomes clear that irrevocable losses have touched not only Izzy and Peter, but their entire circle of relationships. Long-hidden emotions rise to the surface the trauma turned into a complex test of Izzy and Peter’s relationship.”

Open Window marks the feature debut of Mia Goldman as a writer/director. She has edited numerous films, including The Big Easy, Something to Talk About, Flesh and Bone and Dick. She was the editorial consultant on the Oscar nominated In the Bedroom and edited the sleeper hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She is on the executive committee of the Editor’s Branch of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences as well as the Nichol Fellowship committee. Midge Sanford heads Sanford/Pillsbury Productions with her partner, Sarah Pillsbury. They have produced nine feature films including Desperately Seeking Susan, River’s Edge, which won the IFP Independent Spirit Award for Best Feature Film. They are currently in post-production on the psychological thriller, Quid Pro Quo, written and directed by Carlos Brooks. She is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as well as the Academy of Television

Note to Editors: After the screening the filmmakers will be available for local media interviews as well as school papers.