Genetic Counseling Research by Graduate Student Recognized

A 2006 graduate of Sarah Lawrence College’s graduate program in Human Genetics, Vicki Lyus, was awarded the “Beth Fine Student Abstract Award” by the National Society of Genetic Counselors and will present the research for her master’s thesis on November 12th at the organization’s annual education conference.

Ms. Lyus’ abstract—The Importance of Genetic Counseling for Individuals with Schizophrenia and their Relatives: Potential Clients’ Opinions and Experiences—will be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Genetic counseling.

Respondents in Ms. Lyus’ study “indicated that they felt genetic counseling would be useful for them and that they would like to see a genetic counselor. However, few individuals are being offered genetic counseling services,” she noted. Ms. Lyus concluded that “many individual are currently making life-altering decisions on the basis of incorrect risk assessments. Awareness of genetic counseling needs to be raised amongst individuals with schizophrenia in their family and amongst physicians.”

Ms. Lyus is a Cancer Genetic Counselor at the Bennett Cancer Center in Stamford, CT.