Alumnae Named Purpose Prize Fellows

Two Sarah Lawrence College graduate program alumnae, Lois Steinberg, Health Advocacy ’00, and Carole Artigiani, Women’s History ’79, are among 55 Purpose Prize Fellows from around the country named by Civic Ventures “as leaders in the movement to invent new ways to solve society’s toughest challenges.”

Civic Ventures, a think tank and an idea and program incubator, is dedicated to “helping society achieve the greatest return on experience.” Its three-year-old Purpose Prize initiative invests in “older social innovators by recognizing outstanding achievements, creating a network of people wanting to use their retirement years for the greater good, and channeling funds and assistance to these new pioneers.” Recipients are all over 60 years old.

Dr. Steinberg was named for her work as founding director of Westchester S.O.S. Medicare (Seniors Out Speaking on Medicare), a program of the Medicare Rights Center, a non-profit, New York City-based, national consumer service organization. S.O.S. Medicare is currently launching a program that seeks volunteers age 50+ interested in teaching Westchester residents how to advocate for themselves, family members and friends in an increasingly complex health care system.

“Our goal is to empower people to help themselves and others get the care they need, when they encounter the health care system,” said Dr. Steinberg.

Ms. Artigiani is the founder and executive director of Global Kids, a New York City based organization that prepares urban youth to become global citizens and community leaders. Students in the program have led bias-reduction workshops in Croatia, discussed international issues with foreign policy experts, and lobbied for teenage immigrants. “The intellectually demanding program has students do their own research and think for themselves. A lot of these things I learned at Sarah Lawrence,” says Ms. Artigiani. “I feel like my life came together in this work.”

Dr. Steinberg and Ms. Artigiani, along with other Fellows and finalists for the Purpose Prize are invited to attend an Innovation Summit, September 7 – 9 at the Stanford Center for Social Innovation, Stanford University.

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