Athletic Awards

Sarah Lawrence College celebrated its student athletes at its annual awards banquet held in the Campbell Sports Center on May 8.

While SLC students are accomplished in their respective sports—the men’s and women’s tennis teams and the women’s swim team all won their conference championships this year and the equestrian team sent a rider to the national competition after qualifying riders at the regional and zone levels—the culture of athletics at the College focuses more on participation than winning and losing.

Athletic Director Mary LeVine said in her remarks to the students: “…we see the value in the process—the effort, commitment, passion and sportsmanship that leads to growth—and, I would argue, true success."

The following students were recognized for their outstanding contributions to Sarah Lawrence Athletics:

Alice Stone Ilchman Scholar Athlete Award: Sarah Kaufmann (Equestrian)
Newcomer of the Year: Elizabeth Stitzel (Equestrian)
Athlete of the Year: Daniel Bretl (Tennis)

Men's Basketball
Coaches Award - Richard Hempel
Gryphon Award - Robert Garrard

Women's Volleyball
Coaches Award - Kathryn Scheirer
Gryphon Award - Corinna Jay

Women's Tennis
Coaches Award - Sarah Merchlewitz
Gryphon Award - Megan Angelini

Women's Swimming
Coaches Award - Maggie Robinson
Gryphon Award - Sara Kankowski

Coaches Award - Kerrilee Hunter
Gryphon Award - Anna DiBiase

Coaches Award - Lauren Glowzenski
Rasky Award - Sandra Glascock

Men's Tennis
Coaches Award - Ben Samuel
Gryphon Award - Max Neely-Cohen