Source Presentation and Talk by Todd Oldham

Things I Love

Robin Winters and the "Theater Of Objects" class is pleased to announce that on Thursday, May 4 at 6:00 p.m. in the Donnelley Film Theater of the Heimbold Visual Arts Center there will be a source presentation and talk by Todd Oldham entitled "Things I Love."

Todd Oldham is one of the most innovative and mediagenic designers working today. Born in Texas in 1962, Oldham designed his first dress at age 15 when he stitched some K-Mart pillowcases together. He was soon designing more sophisticated looks, and by 1988 he was ready for New York. There, he quickly distinguished himself with his colorful, cheerful, fresh designs. Oldham, has been designing clothing and other products for 20 years. He designed sexy outfits worn by celebs such as Julia Robert's and Uma Thurman. In1998, he created a wardrobe redesign for the Simpsons in which baby Maggie got a leopard print nightie. Oldham broadened his profile in the early '90s with "Todd Time," a regular feature on MTV's "House of Style". His segments were remarkable for their enthusiasm, optimism, and pioneering do-it-yourself approach. He now admits he had no idea what he was doing, which is part of the charm. Oldham encouraged viewers to dye their hair with Kool Aid and wallpaper their dorm rooms with wood-grained contact paper or Xeroxed pictures.

Originally a couture fashion designer with several stores, including one in New York, Todd’s career has evolved to include all areas of design, from film and photography to furniture, interior architecture, and graphic art.

Todd appears frequently as a consultant on NBC's Today show, as well as on MTV's enormously popular Crib Crashers, for which Todd redesigned teenagers' homes in the likeness of their favorite stars' abode. Oldham has designed his own line of dorm room furnishings for Target in addition to a line of La-Z Boy furniture. He has just recently opened a freestanding store dedicated to his furniture line in SoHo, New York City.

This past fall he was the host and creator of Todd Oldham's Handmade Modern on HGTV. A television show based on his book with the same name. Handmade Modern, the book, comes complete with a tutorial on modern home design in the form of sidebars and short essays throughout—everything from that now-famous Eames chair to the case-study houses of the 1950s. The inspiration for Todd Oldham Studio's designs comes from a celebration of everyday materials and tasks combined with a reverence for sophisticated, refined objects. Further, Todd is a photographer whose work has appeared in L'Uomo Vogue, Nest and Interview magazines.

He keeps sane by living half of the week in what he calls a modern country home in eastern rural Pennsylvania and the other half in a "goofy" modern city high-rise with beautiful views. Surprisingly, there's not much of a contrast in style between the two. "I designed them the same," he says, "so there's a great ease of slipping in and out of them." In both, he went a little stripe crazy—in the country, with 12-inch stripes on the walls in orange and yellow, blue and tan, orange and brown, and in New York, azalea and pink mixed with light blue, lime green, shrimp and berry.

As any good artist he is able to convey his unique point of view with economy of thought, realizing elegant concepts and always arriving with something surprising. He is an innovator of the everyday, involved in the act of making one's own world magical. He has changed the culture and continues to participate in variations of what the future is supposed to look like.