SLC December Graduates

Sarah Lawrence College celebrates the graduation of students who have recently completed the work for their degrees. December Commencement will be held at the President’s House from 6–8 p.m. on December 14th with a reception and informal ceremony.

Graduating seniors receiving their Bachelor of Arts include: Maya Callan Jeanne Anderson, Brenda Gale Bennett, Bryan Bayne Collinsworth, Jeffrey Peter D'Addario, Maria Earle, Michael Wilson Esveldt, Martha Quinn Fischhoff, Kate Fitzsimons, Susana Beatriz Gonazliez-Revilla, Adrianna Maria Hargas, Adrianne Hopes, Sharon Ilaina Itkoff, Cameron Allen Johnson, Joshua Anthony Kaercher, Justin Anthony Miller, James Bordon Monahan, Jennifer Michelle Sterling, Mogran Jo Teller, Danielle Weekes, Lauren Nicole Perry Wilkinson, and Samuel JB Worder.

Masters candidates include: Naomi Cohen, Patricia B. Stanley, Barbara Sadick, and Diane Elizabeth Neff receiving their Master of Arts in Health Advocacy, as well as Natalie Agnes Neusch and Emily Rose Williams receiving their Master of Fine Arts in Writing degrees.