July is a Time for Writing

summer writer's workshop

Summer Writer’s Workshop for High School Students

How does a writer learn to write? What makes a story a story, a poem a poem? Seventy high school students will find the answers to those questions in a program that gives them the opportunity to explore the creative process with skilled writers and artists and to experience the joys of writing in a supportive environment. From July 11 to 15 teenagers in the tri-state area will write, read each other’s work, learn to observe what is familiar and what is not, to transform what the writer sees into poems and stories. They will also explore the questions “How do I show what I see? At what point do I begin and end the story?” in the writer’s theatre workshop, an integral and unique component of the program.

The High School Writer’s Workshop is sponsored by the Sarah Lawrence College Graduate Program in Writing and the Greater New York Chapter of the Fulbright Association.

Writing the Medical Experience

writing the medical experienceMedical experiences lead to some of life’s deepest moments. Thus, they can be a rich source of subject matter for literature. Established poets and writers, doctors, nurses, patients and caregivers, all who write, will gather in an interactive week-long program from July 16 to July 23 on the literature of illness and recovery where they will explore the kinship between the art of writing and the art of healing.

Presented by Sarah Lawrence College’s Writing Institute and the College’s Master’s degree program in Health Advocacy in collaboration with the Foundation for Humanities in Medicine, the intensive program will bring more than 60 participants together with 10 faculty from the worlds of medicine and literature for a series of workshops, readings and discussions. Ted Kooser, the United States Poet Laureate will be a special guest. The program is directed by Dr. David Watts.