Writing Institute's New Courses

Sarah Lawrence’s Center for Continuing Education (CCE) will host its annual Spring Writing Institute from February 7–April 30, for adults who want to deepen their approach to writing, improve their skills, and become part of a community of writers. Saturday classes for high school students are a growing component of the Institute. Of Sarah Lawrence’s focus on writing, Dean of the College Barbara Kaplan notes, “Writing is the coin of the realm here. It permeates the whole atmosphere, rather than being compartmentalized into a single course or slapped on as a series of skills." The classes are all taught in workshop style and have fewer than 14 participants. For more information please call (914) 395-2205.

As in previous years, non-credit workshops for adults will be offered in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, memoir writing and children’s literature. According to Mayra Bloom, Director of CCE, “We have wonderful courses like the Writers’ Gym and There’s a Story in Everyday for people who are getting started or who are open to writing in a variety of forms and genres. This Spring, we have added courses like Mystery Fiction and Writing for Magazines for writers with specific projects in mind.” Single session workshops on bookmaking, editing and proofreading, and rhyming will be offered as well.

The Spring Writing Institute also extends to high school students, and this year has expanded to include two distinct writing workshops to be held on Saturdays for students in grades 9-12. The classes, created in response to community interest, are designed and taught in the best Sarah Lawrence tradition, offering students a chance to explore their literary creativity in a supportive and challenging environment.

Of the program’s expansion and curriculum diversification, Bloom says, “The Writing Institute has been growing in all ways except the size of our classes. Our workshops will remain small because writing will always be a highly individual process.”